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The ControlSys products are used successfully for many years in the industry as well as research and development. You will find in our product ranges power units of a few hundreds watts to hundreds of kW with an accuracy that can be less than 0.001%.


AC/DC power supplies
power 10-15 kW
Controlsys product

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Electronic loads
power 10-15 kW
ControlSys product

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DC power supplies
300 kV, 10 kA, 300 kW
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Controlsys France

Tél. : 33 (0)1 30 64 12 55


Fax : 33 (0)1 30 64 12 65

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Controlsys France

ZAC de la Clef Saint Pierre

Parc de l'envol

20 rue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny

78990 Elancourt


Controlsys Shanghai

Environmental World Products - EWP

No.3, Lane 1015, South Boxue Road

Malu Town, Jiading District Shanghai,

China 201801

Tel: (+86) 21 5915 3070

Controlsys Beijing

Zhongli Heda Technology Co. Ltd 

Room 420 Shuang Tian Office Building,

Jia No.30 West Road North Third Ring,

Haidian District,

Beijing, China

Tel.: (+86)13911036255