Test benches for energy systems

Battery packs

  • These test benches are designed for battery pack tests (cyclic tests and calendar ageing tests) with a variable thermal environment or at ambient temperature. This equipment meets the needs to test different battery technologies. This bench technology can run different tests on several batteries in parallel.

More information : download the data sheet

Mobile testers

  • Mobile testers designed to acquire electrical values (current, voltage, resistance) and mechanical values (vibrations, strength…).

Hybrid energy stockers

  • These energy storage systems group batteries and super-capacitors.The capabilities of the benches for this type of energy storage systems are close to the batteries test benches. They include sequences of tests separated between battery and super-capacitors in addition to the overall sequences.

Vehicle embedded controller

  • End of line production test bench for vehicle on-board energy calculator. The validation tests are done in maximum 20 seconds.

Rectifier bridge

  • Automated equipment to test rectifier bridges (diodes or Mosfets) of vehicle alternators with identification of default component in case of failure. The test sequence is done by current or temperature triangle waveform signal.

Power Mosfet

  • Automatic test bench for power MOSFETS (1200 V - 300A) tests. The control system provides triangular and sinusoidal signal at 20 kHz and analysis the answer of power components.

Charging stations for EV

  • This equipment is designed to qualify electric vehicle charging stations from 7 to 43 KVA and 63 to 150 kW (CHAdeMO and COMBO2) according to the international standards including EV-Ready.

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