Rotating electrical machine test benches

Alternators / Starters / Starters-alternators / Motors

  • Test bench types: performance, characterization, reliability, end of line production
  • Operation modes: manual tests or automated test sequences
  • Test station: one for performance, two for reliability
  • Test temperature: ambient or from ambient to 150 °C or from -50°C to+150°C
  • Measurement channels: current, voltage, temperature, torque…, according to test bench type
  • Control and supervision: hardware and software set with FPGA and real time systems according to customer needs.

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FEAD : Front End Accessory Drive

  • The FEAD bench function is the simulation of a thermal motor front end by mounting the accessory drives on a single metal plate that replaces the motor. This equipment offers the possibility to configure the best position of each accessory drive in order to optimize the overall performance of the front end.

Rollers of Roundballer

  • Test machine in twisting and crushing the rollers of agricultural machinery Rounballer (simulation of the efforts on the rollers during the manufacture of grinding wheels of straw and hay).The innovation for this machine is the energy used by the rotation motor (100 kW)consists of mainly energy retrieved from braking engine(100 kW).

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